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July 7, 2022

A simple marketing tactic that still works. I've been using a marketing tactic for 10 years now, and it still works today. It's been responsible for closing consulting deals that are anywhere from six figures to even over seven figures.


In other words, it works. So what is it? It's being interviewed, whether it's on someone's podcast, or a blog post, or a video interview, the more you're interviewed the better. Here's a simple secret. Just reach out to the people who interview other people in your space, and ask them if they want to interview you. Make sure you tell them over email what you want to talk about, other than your business, that provides value to other people.

The key to getting accepted, and being interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of times, is that you got to provide value. And here's the thing. Most people don't know this, but when you do a lot of interviews, a lot will get little to no reads, or views, or listens. It's a numbers game. Use the smaller ones as a springboard to help you get interviewed by bigger and bigger players.

Eventually your videos, or your podcast interviews, or your blog post interviews, when other people are interviewing you, will get tons of views, because you're getting interviewed by bigger publications, bigger podcasts, bigger YouTube channels, so don't worry about the views in the short run.

Just make sure you deliver each and every single time you're getting interviewed, and have great content, because if your content's mediocre, other people won't want to interview you. It'll actually backfire. Eventually creating amazing content will lead to great branding and business, but you have to be patient. And don't get discouraged if the interviews that you give have little to no reach.

Now when you're reaching out to people, you're probably wondering, "Neil, how do We find their email address?" Well, you can use tools like, that'll give you people's email address for free. So that'll give you their contact person. And then you're probably wondering, "Neil, how do We convince that person to accept in the interview?" So We may email someone, "Hey John, The content Creator has to say, I'm a huge fan of your podcast. We know you've been covering X, Y, and Z topic, but you missed A, B, and C that We know your listeners will love. We would love to come on your show, I've already discussed these topics here.

You can find them on the internet through this article, and this other article, and this other article over here," or, if you haven't written any articles, by the way, on a side note for you, you can talk about it in that email, and then you want to end up breaking down why they'll love that content, and how it will benefit them. And you want to end it with, "If you want on the show, let know. It would be the honor. Huge fan of your podcast, cheers, Neil."

It's that simple. You can do something similar for video interviews. You can do something similar for text-based interviews, but it works. Try it out. Don't be discouraged in the short run. If you do this for years, it really compounds and adds up, and over time, it'll drive you a lot of business.

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