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image  1 Copywriting Hacks - 8 Steps to finding a good, promotable idea
October 11, 2022

8 Steps to finding a good, promotable idea.1 ~ Read a lot: - Read everything you can around the subject you're writing about. - Read books, articles, studies, emails, old promo's, FB groups, forums. .2 ~ Be inquisitive and exhaustive in your research:- You have to love finding out about new things. - Search for ideas outside the mainstream. - Be open to other narratives and different opinions. - What is the polar opposite of what everyone else is saying?.3 ~ Grill the product owner/designer:- Ask everything about the product from the point of view of a cynical reader. - Ask why they think the product is unique and important. - Ask why they like the product..4 ~ Speak to your audience directly:- Listen to calls being made to customer services. - Speak to people who are natural cynics in your subject matter. - Get a clearer indication of what you can relay in your copy to your audience. .5 ~ Interrogate previous results:- How have similar ideas fared in the past?- What has been the most successful executions of these ideas?- If it bombed, find out why it bombed. .6 ~ Submit your ideas for peer analysis:- Ask other copywriters to critique your ideas (NEVER be precious about criticism). - Ask your network for feedback. - Get validation that you're on the right track, or confirmation that it's not a good idea. .7 ~ Prepare to be wrong before you're right:- Really good ideas take a while to form. - NEVER try to nail an idea, or the execution of it, with your first attempt. - If the idea isn't right, the copy won't be right. .8 ~ Just write:- Smiply write and let the idea appear. - A lot of the time, a better execution of your idea appears when you've been busy writing for a few days. .Hope this helps you find your big idea the next time you have a copywriting project you're working on. .What would you add to this list?
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