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October 9, 2022

If you're starting your copy career from ground zero, and you don't have any testimonials to land clients yet, here's what I would do. .Spend the next 30 - 60 days taking on as many copy gigs as you possibly can. Don't worry about who the client is or how big the company, and don't even stress about how much you're getting paid or if you're worth more than the fee you're being offered. .This is your "cutting your teeth" stage in your copy career. Use this window of opportunity to work with clients (regardless of whether they are an asshole or not). Right now you want to work with clients, understand the brief they give you, and you want to prove to people (and yourself) that you can meet a deadline. .I recommend avoiding job sites for copy gigs. You'll be scrambling over other copywriters to land copy gigs, and you don't want to be jumping headfirst into a pond of direct competition. If you swim where the competition is fierce, you'll be up against people who are always willing to work for less than you. .Instead, look for the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to copy gigs. Speak to friends and family members who have their own businesses. Ask to write copy for them. Approach local businesses, ask to write copy for them. Approach businesses online, ask to write copy for them. Approach local charities, ask to write copy for them. .Write the copy, collect testimonials, but most importantly, track the results you achieve for these clients. .After 30 - 60 days you'll have experience, you'll have a portfolio to show prospects, you'll have testimonials, and you'll have proven results. Business people are usually motivated by the results you can bring them, not how pretty your portfolio is. .After this 30 - 60 day period (I usually suggest 60 days), use your experience, portfolio, testimonials, and results to go catch some bigger fish - clients with bigger problems to solve and deeper pockets to reward you with.
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