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image  1 Copywriting Hacks - In all my years where I've consulted or mentored as a copywriter, I find the sam
October 9, 2022

In all my years where I've consulted or mentored as a copywriter, I find the same old problem keep rising to the top. .For newbie rookies in this game, it's a lack of confidence in their abilities and placing a low value on their skill set or worth. Self doubt can stop you before you've even started!.For the copy veterans who already have some skin in the game, it's imposter syndrome. The fear of being "found out" and ridculed in front of their peers. .Both are bullshit!.Both are tresspassing univited in your brain! .Whether you're just starting out or you've been around the block a few times, you must realise that you just need to take action, and you need to keep moving forward. A bit llke running a marathon. You take it step-by-step towards where you want to go. .You have to start somewhere, but you don't have to stay there. You can improve, climb higher up the ladder and reach lofty heights...but only if you keep going. .My advice? . * Write more* Make more offers* Work out what is working and what's not and correct course* Write even more* Make even more offers* Keep what's working, ditch what's not.Just keep yourself so busy with writing and making offers and improving on what you did yesterday that you won't have time to pay notice to the insecurities that want to rule your mind and keep you down. .What do you think? What advice would yiu give?
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