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August 25, 2022

💰💰 30 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY IN 2021 💰💰If you apply only a couple of these suggestions each day over the next few weeks, you’ll be setting yourself up for a prosperous new year. 1. Email an offer to your list - service/product/affiliate deal.2. Do a Facebook live video - share value upfront and then weave in your offer at the end. 3. Follow-up with potential clients that you didn't close in 2020.4. Run a sale on a product or discount your services for X amount of days / or to X amount of people. 5. Take content you've already created and turn it into a digital product - eBook/course. 6. Reach out to past clients and offer them a continuity package they can't refuse. 7. Create a workshop/webinar, provide value, close with an offer attached at the end. 8. Write a sales post on FB/LinkedIn/Instagram promoting your product/service9. Offer a coaching/mentoring package teaching others what you specialise in. 10. Share a testimonial from a happy client on social media with a call to action to schedule a call or to email you. 11. Host a local meet up (virtual hangout), share value with your audience and make an offer off the back of it. 12. Reach out to past clients and ask for referrals. 13. Privately contact people who have been engaging with you (through social media/emails) and make them an offer.14. Create a new sales page for your website and dirrect people to that page. 15. Repurpose or update an exisiting product you have (info products/video courses, etc.) and relaunch. 16. Create an affiliate program for your products/services 17. Run a one day sale on your product/service18. Create a new funnel with upsells/downsells/cross-sells. 19. Record a free training video and then email your list to watch with acall to action to buy something at the end. 20. Create a case study - Interview a client about their experience working with you and the results you achieved for them and post to social media. 21. Develop a new course idea and pre-sell on social media or to your list. 22. Engage with new connections privately and offer a free consultation, then pitch your offer at the end. 23. Post a promotion in a group/forum (check the rules first!)
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