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September 18, 2022

DO LIKES STILL MATTER ?Are likes still an important social signal ?What’s a social signal ?Social signals are critical indicators of who are the most visible and who reaches the broadest possible target audience on Instagram.So, do likes matter ? Yes, they matter as they are an ingredient in determining an accounts visibility on Instagram’s algorithms But they are not the most important of social signals.There are many factors that make up an accounts visibility not just likes, other ingredients in the mix include saves, shares, and comments.All the ingredients combined: likes, shares, comments and saves determine your engagement rate, likes are NOT primary, Why ?Because Instagram engagement rate takes into account real-time engagement from active followers.Not fake or purchased.Their algorithm is super smart and several factors get taken into account while determining a post’s visibility ranking, for example how quickly has the post received engagement.The conclusion,Don’t focus on likesFocus on creating content that gives value and encourages more comments and saves.Focus on interacting with your audience to build customer relationsFocus on audience retention and organic growthCreate a marketing strategy that focuses on creating meaningful content for your followersHave a great dayIf you found this post helpful, then please like, share or save it. I help small businesses and brands grow on social media, generate new leads and potential clients.#smallbusiness2022 #smm #instagramstrategy #instagramforbusiness #socialmediatip #instagramtips #smallbusiness #instagrammarketing #instagrammarketingtips #growyourbusiness #UKBusiness #Ireland #UnitedKingdom
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