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August 19, 2022

The most effective strategies are usually the simplest.Small businesses on Instagram need a clear plan for them to grow.Growing on Instagram for Small business is a must or else you are just wasting your time on the platform.By doing the following consistently you can level up your instagram growth,As instagram is by far the easiest of the platforms to generate leads and find new potential customers but only if done correctly.Small businesses should do the following to help there accounts grow:● Firstly, be clear on your service that you intend to be known for and stay with it. By doing this your audience will know exactly what it is you do and you will attract the right people. Utilise keywords throughout your captions and industry related hashtags.● Secondly, Create engaging valuable content that your audience can relate to or share, you want your audience to engage with the content by commenting, liking or sharing. Use CTA’s and concentrate on solving pain points, educating or inspiring your followers.● Thirdly, Focus on your followers and comment and engage with them rather than following other accounts hoping they will follow you back, follow for follow is a poor strategy so DO NOT do it. Engaging with your followers by asking questions in the comments, liking, sharing or commenting on their posts.● Finally, Do not expect a meteoric rise, slow and steady wins the race. DO NOT get disheartened, the hardest part is at the beginning and building a community with trusted followers takes time. Perseverance and consistency are key to building a following on Instagram, other factors like using insights to analyse, well designed feed grid, alt text, location tags etc are all valuable but secondary, if you don’t implement the 3 main strategies above, these secondary features won’t matter.Are you a small business on Instagram ? How is it going for you?#smallbusiness2022 #highvaluecontent #contentstrategy #contentcreation #instagramforbusiness #socialmediatip #instagramtips #smallbusinesstips #instagrammarketing #instagrammarketingtips #EngagingContent #Shareablecontent #socialmediacoach #UKBusiness #Ireland #marbella #engagement
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