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August 13, 2022

Alternative perspective... 👇"Start Now" seems like superficial advice for perfectionism. It only scratches the surface of overcoming perfectionism, where it comes from, and how debilitating it can be for people.Self-help and entrepreneur gurus give perfectionism a bad rep. They’ll often flaunt their own success while making others feel guilty for not being able to do what they can. That in itself for many personality types can trigger more overthinking, over-analyzing, procrastination, self-doubt and even more perfectionism. Some won’t ever start anything at all because of that cycle.But, as crippling as perfectionism can be on productivity and progress, it isn’t all bad. Perfectionism can also bring the best out of you and the high standards you set in your professional and personal life if you learn to manage it.So switch your perspective on perfectionism if you see it as a bad thing...Embrace your perfectionism. Harness your perfectionism. Channel your perfectionism. Always aim for the levels you know are capable of. The levels you can see in your mind. It's those levels that give you the uniqueness that sets you apart from the crowd. Surrender to the fact that you won't always hit the highest levels immediately, but putting 'something' out into the world and improving over time is the process of perfection. And know that once you let go of your perfectionism, you’ll align with your flow state more frequently, where you’ll then find a whole new world opening up in front of you.Start thinking that, and it will make it easier to “start now!”.🙏#onlinemarketingagency #digitalmarketingupdates #digitalmarketingquotes #smallbusinessshoutout #entrepreneurshipeducation #entrepreneurshipquote
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