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October 5, 2022

want to know the best way to feel inspired and motivated every single day?⁠~⁠Jump out of bed and go and inspire someone else, find a way to encourage others and reach out and help someone on their journey!⁠~⁠Get off the couch and turn Netflix off and start creating your own beautiful work and your masterpiece to share with the world.⁠~⁠Start inspiring yourself by making positive choices every single day and start feeling a deep sense of pride within because you know that you are doing what you should be doing to live a beautiful life rather than constantly filling your life with drama and negative choices that make you feel depressed and frustrated.⁠~⁠Stop looking everywhere else to feel inspired and motivated and start inspiring yourself and others by the work you create, the life you live and the way you make others feel.⁠~⁠The secret to feeling inspired and motivated every day is to go out into the world and inspire the hearts and minds of others then and only then will you have an abundance of energy and inspiration that will carry you towards every goal and dream you have!⁠~⁠The problem is you think inspiration and motivation is something you look for when you need it and when you are feeling a bit down or low on energy or when you lose your focus...and that's not how it works!⁠~⁠Feeling inspired and motivated is part of your being and it something you share with the world, it's the way you make others feel and the way you do things that will give you the greatest sense of inspiration and guess what?⁠~⁠It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, the job you have right now and how much money you have...we can all go out today and inspire the world.⁠~⁠You just got to believe it and you just got to live it every single day!"
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