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August 27, 2022

Productivity inspiration from ⠀"The first rule of the game is to set a smaller number of goals and objectives for the day. This is where most people get it wrong - Your plan for the day is NOT a to do list for your entire life.⠀⠀Your plan for the day is definitive, it is designed around your work and productive endeavours with room for the things which will help you move towards your longer term goals & objectives.⠀⠀It’s a formal agreement between you, your work & career objectives and the 24 hour period ahead.⠀⠀Like any formal agreement, you have to stick to it and ensure it is completed to the highest degree possible. That’s the end goal - Work that is done in an effective manner which is created and delivered to your highest standard within reasonable time.⠀⠀A plan for the day is not a loose note or an informal arrangement. Once you accept those terms and have that level of respect for yourself and your time on this planet - then you’ll be more committed in your approach to your plan for the day.⠀⠀By setting a small or limited number of key targets and objectives for the day, you allow your mind to prioritise your energy towards achieving and completing those very specific goals.⠀⠀Practice getting things done, one by one. Like any new habit you are trying to develop, you need to focus on starting and finishing your tasks. The more tasks or projects you start and finish - The more confident and certain you become within.⠀⠀Give yourself enough time and don’t be afraid to have a percentage target towards a goal or a project because very few things get completed and delivered in a typical business day, but over a week or a month many things can be achieved."⠀⠀#before5am #productivity #focus #business #entrepreneurship #digitalmarketing #personalgrowth
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