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August 11, 2022

“Productize yourself“ - #NavalRavikant To be successful in business, we need to be the product. This means we have to play the social media game! We have to create content. This has been obvious for some time but it might not sit well with you. It might even be your biggest barrier to success. The opportunity for entrepreneurs, creators, and those striving for freedom is huge as we have the means to immediately connect with anyone, anywhere, and sell pretty much anything to anyone, anywhere. Others will say & feel that this in itself is actually causing more disconnect on a deeper level, as the fight for the modern-day currency of ‘attention’ leads to yet more self-obsessed, cringe-worthy self-promotion filling up our social deeds and adding to the noise of the online world. Whichever side of the fence you stand on, the reality is that this is the game we need to play if we want a thriving business. So how do you play the game well, how do you even take to the field if you have reservations?Authenticity. It’s so cliche, but when you consider the level of connection we have in the world, the chances that you can reach someone with similar interests and outlooks to yourself or what you’re selling is almost certain.With that opportunity, you’ll find that if you express your authentic self, you can build a following. And with a loyal following, you’ll overcome the hardest part of starting any business... demand.At that point, the demand is not only for the product you sell but it’s for you or your brand. You’ve effectively become the product. How do you feel about productizing yourself and ‘playing the game’? Let us know in the comments.
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