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July 3, 2022

Here's why We don't blog as often as We used to. Did you know that We used to blog daily? Literally, daily. We used to post at least one blog post a day, and if you think that's crazy, at one point, We got so into blogging that We used to post roughly four times a day during the peak, but here's the thing. Can you guess how many blog posts We write now?


Maybe one a day, or three a week? Nope, We just blog once a week. That's it. Roughly four to five posts a month, depending on if there's four weeks in a month or five weeks in a month. But here's the thing, even though We only blog once a week, We spend more time creating other forms of content. We create three long form video content pieces that are roughly five minutes long each week. We create seven short form videos that are roughly 30 seconds to minute long each week. And We create a podcast episode each and every single day, that's around five minutes long.

Now the team, they also create two to three image based content pieces each week. And We create a webinar once a month. Now, with some of these content pieces, I'm not actually doing them daily, like with the podcast, We do them in batches, so I'll do 10 at once.

With the longer form videos, that are still short, technically, around five minutes, We do them in one sitting for the whole month. For the short form videos, same thing, We do them in one batch for the whole month. But nonetheless, I'm still creating a lot of content.

So even though I'm blogging less these days, I'm spending the time creating other forms of content. Why you may be asking, because it's less competitive. YouTube channel gets roughly 640,000 views a month. Why? Am We the best marketer in the world? No, We can always learn more and improve. There's just not many competitors. As for podcasting, the podcast gets over $1 million a month, and it's easy. Why? Because there are only 2 million podcasts in the world according to EarthWeb.

That's not that many, when you consider that there are Billion blogs, that's a Billion with the B. So should you keep blogging? Yes. And maybe it should be more than once a week, if you don't have hundreds of pieces of content already, but you should spend more time creating content on other platforms over blogging, such as YouTube or LinkedIn or even Facebook. That's the secret to the content marketing these days.

Look, look for the popular channels, whether it's YouTube, which is the second most popular search engine after Google, funny enough, Google owns YouTube, or whether it's Facebook, one of the most popular social networks, if not the most popular social network , because they own WhatsApp and Instagram.

If you look at the channels that aren't as competitive, whether it's TikTok or whether it's Instagram or whether it's LinkedIn, and you leverage them, yes, their audience may not be as big as Google, but the audience is big enough and there's very little competition, so you can actually get your content seen by a lot of people without struggling or having to spend a lot of money on advertising. And you can do really well with less effort.

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