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October 17, 2021

After discovering that We could start bringing in a ton of clients with secret #1, We still had the issue of ranking their websites. 😱

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But how was We supposed to help them rank #1 if The content Creator had NEVER worked with a business in their niche?

I realized that We needed to figure out a QUICK way to discover easy keywords to rank them for, that way once they saw a quick win, they’d want to stick around with for a while.

I then began doing a ton of research, looking at all of Google’s 200+ ranking factors.

goal was to find the #1 thing Google looked at that would enable to get high rankings.

I then thought, what is the first thing Google reads on any website?
The title of the page!

After some research, We realized that one of the quickest ways to rank on Google is simply by just adding your keyword to your title.

So now anytime We want to rank a prospect for something on Google, We just check how many pages have their keywords in their title by typing intitle:”keyword”

With this hack We could now nearly GUARANTEE rankings to the prospects if the keywords have little competition ✅