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June 5, 2022

Today We show you how to make money with Google Maps. You can use this strategy to get started making $300-$500 as a beginner without any experience.

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Here's what we cover today, step-by-step:

There are a massive amount of ways to make money with Google maps but in this video, We show you how to find businesses with unclaimed Google listings.

First, we start by typing a niche like plumbers in the city we want to target, We chose plumbers in Flagstaff Arizona.

Then we look for listings that say, "manage this business" the reason we do this is because when you see something like this, it generally means the business owner hasn't verified or claimed the listing yet.

We then find the business's phone number and offer to send them a screenshot of the error we're seeing, while also recommending that we volunteer the time to fix said listing.

Note: if the local business has a website we can also reach out through the website by finding the email or contact page and sending a message.

When the business responds, we can then send a postcard to their address and also offer to optimize their full listing and website for a $300 - $500 fee.

If the business says yes, we can then go to a website like Fiverr and outsource some or all of the work, remember optimizing the listing is generally pretty straightforward to outsource to other people.


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