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February 16, 2022

Have you ever spent hours looking at the screen, trying to figure out, hm, what should We post on social media? Well, We can guarantee you that you can spend as little as 60 minutes in planning out your social media content for the entire week, and it won't be nearly as hard as you imagine.

Adobe Spark:

According to Statista, over 3.6 billion people use social media, and is projected to reach 4.41 billion by 2025. Today, we're going to be focused on how to plan your content. Creating content like video and long form written posts can take longer. But just knowing that, and knowing when you should post each of your content pieces should give you a huge advantage and just improve your efficiency overall.

Before we get into planning this process itself, here are some things that We do that helps get to the beginning of the week without necessarily creating any form of content, apart from writing captions, and even scheduling things up.

For video content, every month, you should come up with a list of video concepts that you're going to record videos about. Literally that's it. Because We post videos roughly three times a week, We typically create a list of 16 video concepts, not three, 16, which roughly covers five weeks worth of content. Then you need to spend time outlining as a list, let's say, bullet points for each video.

That way, you know, that you can just rip off and just start discussing those bullet points in the video. It's important to include any database things like stats or research, because that shows that you're an authority, which helps you with overall followers, credibility, and best of all, it helps you with Google Rankings in the long run. Then I'll spend part of the day, let's say the morning, sometimes entire afternoon, just recording videos. There's a team that helps finalize these videos and gets them ready for YouTube and optimize them so We don't even have to worry about that.

But look, We know not everyone can do that. If We were you, bust out your phone, record, upload to YouTube, not that hard. And here's the cool thing, when you're uploading videos to these social platforms, you can schedule them in advance.

Now for image content, We do something similar that We mentioned above, and We come up with a list of concepts that are worth going over in social media over the next week or two. I'll plan the content from the image carousels, quotes, even family pictures. Literally, I'll be like, mm-hm, this week, We need to create a family picture, more so, take one.

Now, when you do this, and you're creating all this content, you don't have to hire a designer. You don't spend a lot of money. You can just use tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, or PicMonkey to create those images, modifying the quotes, get them up.

And if you want to move really fast, you should have a few templates with your brands, your colors, the fonts that you use in advance so that you can just whip in the text for let's say things like quotes. That way, you can focus on content itself instead of having to figure out the basics like design each and every single time.

Now out of curiosity, leave a comment below and let know what tool you use for your images for social media. Now, We don't always use one tool. Sometimes We use Adobe, Photoshop, or We use let's say Canva, but I'm curious to see what you use. The bottom line is, you should keep a database of ideas and pre-conceptualized topics.

That way, whether you're sick, or you're procrastinating, you just don't feel like you want to execute, boom. You can go into your vault, pull one out, post it, and you're off and to the races.

00:00 - Introduction
01:05 - Things We Do Before Getting Into The Planning Process Itself.
( Videos Content / Image Content )
03:52 - Deep inside Planning Process.
STEP 1 - List Of All Content Types
04:28 - Step 2 - Matching The Content Types With Social Media ( Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter).
06:12 - Step 3 - Assign Days And Platforms.
I Recommend You To Do:
06:44 Step 4 - Do A Rough Outline And How Your Post Should To Look Like
07:10 Step 5 - Write Up Your Captions
07:35 Step 6 - Scheduling Your Content Using Your Favorite Tools

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