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image  1 If you feel like you are failing remember It's all part of the game
April 3, 2023

If you feel like you are failing remember It's all part of the game. It means you're in a cycle of growth!The problem is this stage of growth isn't acknowledged or embraced enough.The people we follow on social media or whose podcasts we listen to, in most cases, lean into the ego's natural tendency to express their wins. Giving us the illusion that they all have it figured out.Listening to their 'optimal' ways to live, think, feel, eat, work etc... can create an inferiority complex, as we gauge our own happiness on how a stranger appears on the internet.I do the same to my followers. And it's helpful of course but it doesn't share the whole picture.So, remember that every piece of personal growth advice was born from a place of darkness.Anxiety, fear, stress, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, insecurity etc.Most social media posts are like self-pep talks!They are often personal journals that are shared with the world. Even this one!They might be self-healing internally, while simultaneously appearing to the external world like they are in a state of happiness and high performance that everybody else should try to attain.Remember that their wisdom comes from pain. Their motivation comes from pain.They are learning from that pain to improve and grow.So if you are feeling pain... embrace it. You're learning and growing!It’s in these moments where it all pieces together!This is where you eventually align with where you want to be, and where you win. And then the cycle repeats itself again!So, if you’re feeling this right now, don't expect it to all piece together at once.The journey is really tough.There are going to be a lot of ups and downs. Be realistic and don’t be hard on yourself.Be patient. Play the long game.And most importantly, surround yourself with those who share their vulnerabilities, understand the difficulties that need to be endured, and know that failure is all part of the game!Luke🙏🏻#personalgrowth #solopreneur #entrepreneur #failure #raydalio
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