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October 1, 2021

What's up SEO Pro!

Welcome back.

Chase Reiner here...

Today We want to talk to you about how you can start using a tool called Surfer SEO to start ranking number one on Google and begin generating passive income with your website.

Try out Surfer SEO for free

If you want the free checklist of all of the tools you can find it at

Now, we will specifically cover three main parts of the Surfer SEO:

1. The Surfer content planner
2. The Surfer content editor
3. The Surfer keyword research tool

In the opinion, the best part of the Surfer app is the content editor, but We also really like the content planner tool.

The main way that Surfer works is that it looks at what words your competitors are mentioning on their pages, that you should mention on your page in order to rank for a given keyword.

Ideally, you type in a keyword that you'd like to be found for then optimize your content by writing out related content from the suggestions that Surfer gives you.

A great new feature by Surfer is the content planner.

You can type in a URL of any website and Surfer will find all of the pages on that website and what keyword Surfer thinks those pages should rank for.

You then automatically get a content score for each of those pages.

The best part is that you can print out a PDF of those different pages and keywords and hand them to a potential client or a worker to have them optimize the pages.

As far as the other functions that Surfer provides such as the SERP analyzer and the website auditor, I've found that the tools are not very helpful and it's best to stick to the few features previously listed.

Anyways, We hope you enjoyed the guide We did on Surfer, if you did, let know in the comments!

See ya later,

-Chase Reiner

0:00 Introduction to Surfer SEO
1:05 Signing up for a Surfer account
1:23 Surfer SEO dashboard
2:13 Surfer content planner
5:17 Surfer content editor
6:30 Adjusting Surfer settings
7:55 Optimizing a post with Surfer
12:41 Surfer audit
14:26 Surfer SERP analyzer
15:27 Surfer keyword research
16:24 Surfer brief AI content
17:38 Conclusion

Surfer SEO Free Trial Here:

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