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image  1 Natalie•Social Media Marketing 🇺🇦 - I could have had 90k followers at this moment
October 9, 2022

I could have had 90k followers at this moment🤭😱Don’t wait until you’ll be ready!If you’re still waiting for the best time, the time when everything will be perfect, the “right” isn’t going to happen. 🙋‍♀️👉Let me tell you my own story. sad but honest...and it shows how things are working on IG.Last year I created this account and decided to grow my business with IG. I did everything correctly, but I was lacking consistency (working, traveling, spending time with my close ones...were more interesting than the 3 likes I got after hours of creating that content). Also, I was worrying that everything should be perfect.. and overcomplicated things. ☝️At the same time, one girl has started her account ( she has 90K followers 🙀 and a growing business)... I think you know what I’ll tell you next...Yes, we have started almost at the same time, we are in the same niche, we have similar stories, and a similar vision for our businesses and we both have the same tools and knowledge....and look what this girl has achieved! She hasn’t missed posting and creating content even if it didn’t show the results, and did the work needed. and I don’t think that was easy for her either. She is a nice person and a hard-working business lady. I wish her even bigger success. 👉I know that I’ll have the same success..just a little bit later..but what if I stick to posting, get rid of my perfectionism and fear of losing, and just move on with just doing needed steps here...Probably I would be on the same stage with that girl... not worrying about time missed. 🙈So, please don’t wait for the right moment here! ❤️This is a message to you!👇Just start posting, pick your topic, and create a few posts per week. Stay consistent, stay positive and test different content, learn what’s working, and move on. Time will pass anyway!👉If you wait for everything to be perfect, you’ll miss your window of opportunity and wish you would have done it sooner!———————————————————Have you ever had an experience where you felt like you weren’t ready and hesitated?
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