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May 17, 2022

If you're looking to get started with SEO audits, this is the video for you.

Try out Shine Ranker for free at

Grab all of the courses now at

1. Run a crawl on the site and create a project
2. Run through traffic checker if search console doesn’t exist
3. Map out keywords to pages
4. Figure out conversion points
5. Run content averages with the content editor
6. Traffic check top 5 competitors and download pages


1. Create pages for main keywords that have pages in the search console
2. Setup conversion tracking if not done so already
3. Add call to actions for main page conversion points
4. Optimize existing pages to match 200/100 content editor scores
5. Begin building top pages that match competitors

1. Conversions/conversion rates
2. Optimizing existing content doubling averages
3. Building / replicating pages you want to rank