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September 1, 2021

Hey SEO Pro!

Welcome to day three of the SEO challenge series! If you’re not familiar with the SEO challenge yet, we have set out to rank a brand new website on Google with the new SEO tool,

On day one we purchased and created the website after performing some basic keyword research.

Replay for Day 1.

On day two we began looking for content writers to help begin building some content. We also set up a Facebook group and an email opt-in for the website.

Replay for Day 2.

On day three (today) we will be looking at hiring the content writers that we need and assigning them keywords that we want articles written for.

We will also be setting up the social media channels and ordering branded logos/content for the website. We will also begin doing an outreach campaign for an expert roundup in order to acquire recognition in the industry.

If you’re following along with the series and are planning on ranking your first website, We encourage you to join each of the live streams that we are doing at 9:15 AM PST.

See you soon,


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