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August 30, 2021

Hey SEO Pro! Today, we are going LIVE with the SEO challenge part 2.


1. Perform keyword research with and finding easy to rank for keywords that we can target by performing bulk keyword difficulty checks (using the, “intitle” search parameter)
2. Purchased a new domain, “” and set up hosting with Siteground.
3. Created a basic one-page WordPress site with a minimalistic theme.
4. Optimized the home page title with SEO Rank Math SEO Plugin.
Part 1’s replay can be watched

Today we will be moving forward with:

- Hiring a content writer
- Hiring a web designer Indexing new pages
- Checking keyword competition on Youtube
- Creating a Facebook community for the website
- Creating an Email list and opt-in for the website

I hope YOU are following along with this series and plan on ranking a website NATIONALLY with in the week-long challenge.

If you are on board, let know by leaving a reply and saying, “Let’s rank #1!”

Here's a quick recap of the SEO challenge on day 2.

So far, we have been able to get the website out of Google's sandbox within just one day with a brand new domain! Amazing :)

Content Creators are currently in the process of the most annoying part of SEO which is finding a good content writer, but we increased the budget to a higher bracket ($15 - $30 an hour) to find reliable people who can help get the job done quickly.

The goal is to shoot for 10 - 15 articles by the end of this challenge, which I'm hoping we can get at least one to rank on the first page.

If you are following along with the challenge, please let know by leaving the URL you are planning on competing with below.

If you missed day 1, head over to: and watch.

Day 2's video can be found

Follow along with with a free 3-day trial here.

All of the resources mentioned in the video series can be found within the free SEO starter kit

Make sure to check in with the group in about an hour where We will be going live and covering the next steps you’re going to need to take to get started.


Or if you dislike Facebook, join the live on Youtube

-Chase R