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December 19, 2021

Testing the Infamous Google Business Phone Trick (Part One)
Something I've mentioned in a couple of the videos now is Holly Starks' multiple phone trick for CTR manipulation. Basically, she has a ton of phones with different personas. We decided that it was worth testing for myself and this video works as a kind of case study. We started off at a graveyard (for reasons that will be explained in another video) and we used 35 phones to google a specific business and set maps running. We then drove with the phones to the business location to see what effect that would have on GMB rankings. Now, there were some flaws with the testing, which is why this video will have a second part in the New Year.

Intro: (0:00)
How the GMB Phone Trick Works: (0:10)
Setting Up The Phones: (0:50)
Can It Be Automated?: (1:05)
Traveling with the Phones: (2:00)
Multiple Phones Causing a Fake Traffic Jam on Google Maps: (2:35)
The Process Once At Map Location: (3:25)
Did The Multiple Phone Trick Work?: (4:23)
What Could We Improve?: (5:00)
GMB Ranking Improvements: (5:30)
Further Testing for GMB Rankings: (6:10)
Too Many Phones Create Spam?: (7:30)
Varied Interaction Testing For Part Two: (8:30)

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This video:

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