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December 19, 2021

Do you feel marketing is complex? Trust me, you're not alone, but there's actually good news for you. Today, I'm going to break down the best marketing strategy and how it's often the simplest. And here's why.



Tell how many things you're doing at the same time when it comes to your marketing. If you're doing SEO and social media, that counts as two. If you're using social media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, that counts as a handful, four or five. We don't know how many We named, but you get the point.

So lists out in the comment below how many marketing tasks are you focusing on right now? And let know in the comment, if you also feel overwhelmed or you're able to manage it that way, we can see how other marketers feel and entrepreneurs and what is best. And I'll also break down what's best in this field.

So chances are, if your marketing strategy is full of bells and whistles, you're going to fail. Especially if you're starting out with a new website, new product, new service, new offer, and you don't have people work for you.

The best marketing strategy is probably the simplest marketing strategy. So how do you scale up marketing efforts in the real world? You do one experiment at a time and then you scale up. It really is that simple. Once you've done that and it works well and you scaled it up and that's the key, you've scaled it up. You're getting it to a place where it's doing well enough.

Then you explore other marketing channels and experiments until then you stick with that one channel. If you can't make that channel work, then you can skip to another channel. But once you find that one that works somewhat well, not just focus on it, but scale it up.

Your primary focus when you're starting out should be perfecting your offer. If an offer works well in one channel, chances are you can scale to other channels, especially with paid ads. If an offer is failing repeatedly everywhere and you're testing it you don't want to try to scale it up. You need to iterate until you find an angle that your audience resonates with.

And that's the mistake people make. They believe, oh, I'm selling shoes, I'm selling watches. Let just scale things up and get it going. How do you know people like your product?

Well, let's say they do like your product, or even if they like your service, how do you know your messaging resonates with them? How do you know that they like your checkout flow? How do you know that they understand what your product or service looks like by the images or through case studies or testimonials? You got to actually iterate your offer and make you convert before you scale up the marketing.

And that's why when you're starting off, you should focus on one channel and get it going. If you're not sure which channel to focus on first, We highly recommend starting off with paid ads. I'm not saying you need tons of money. I'm not saying you should spend thousands of dollars a week or a month.

Paid ads will give you really quick insights. If you can actually drive conversions. It may not be profitable at first, and that's okay, but if you know it converts, you're good to go and then you can figure out what marketing channel works best for you. See if you start with SEO on a brand new website, you won't know for six months how you're performing and you're not even going to be ranked number one in most cases within six months.

But if you do paid ads, you'll get a rough understanding if your copy your product, your service resonates with your audience. And that's the important part. And that's the part that most people forget in marketing when they're starting off. And that's what We want you to focus on early on. Yeah, you may not consider that marketing, but it's important because without that marketing doesn't really work. And once you figure that out, just pick one channel, scale it up and then go add the next.

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