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October 17, 2021

This new method gets your prospects begging to pay you! 🤯

Learn more about the new secret client getting strategy

Back in the day, It seemed like We tried every possible method to get clients, and unfortunately almost everything We anything, failed.

Needless to say, We felt totally lame and left out.

👎 Cold calling didn’t work.

👎 Social media took too long.

👎 Ranking in the town for SEO work, but nobody called (it turns out all the people searching were just other SEO’s.)

I remember spending months trying to figure out why it was so difficult to land a new client.

Then, all of a sudden, a light bulb turned on. 💡

I thought to myself, "what was the one thing that all of these businesses The content Creator had been outreaching to have in common?"

Not a single one of them knew who We was!

I came to the conclusion that the quickest way to get known was to actually start offering the services for free in order to gain their trust.

Then, they'd have no reason to not work with me! ✅

So, before We began talking to these businesses, We would figure out what was wrong with their websites BEFORE contacting them.

Then I'd just offered to fix their top issue, free of charge!

Now, the best part about this strategy is that We didn’t actually have to sell anything or feel unconfident in the abilities to start helping.