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image  1 Tried and failed for years
January 17, 2023

Tried and failed for years! If she doesn't wake me before 5am, my new body clock will. 8am is now the middle of my day. 

Lot’s of productivity hacks and routines are hard to relate to as a new Dad. Meditations, journals, gym sessions, reflections, juniper berry tea with a hint of bee pollen, bulletproof coffee and 2562 grams of protein all before you start work... not happening if you want balance and to be in your kids' life. The paradox of choice that comes with the freedom as a solopreneur before kids, is gone. I no longer have all day to complete my work. I'm forced to be productive in the window of time that I do have to work. Yes, it's tiring, but it also created a routine with focus and purpose. 

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