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October 7, 2021

Website Builder for Agencies - Interview with Itai Sadan from Duda
If you were involved with digital marketing or web development back in the days where smartphones were becoming more popular, there is no doubt that you've heard of Duda. Duda was a lifesaver for many of. They developed a plugin that made websites on WordPress mobile-friendly, and that's really the origin of the company. Duda has evolved over the years and they now offer a wide range of fantastic services for agency owners. Not only do they provide a drag-and-drop website creator, but they also offer client management services. This interview details how Duda went from developing a mobile-friendly plugin to offering a fully responsive website builder with a focus on agencies with additional agency tools and services.

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Intro: (0:00)
Intro to Itai Sadan: (0:55)
What is Duda?: (1:10)
Not Just a Website Builder: (2:00)
Starts as Mobile-Friendly Plugin: (2:50)
Before Duda: (5:30)
Duda for SEO: (10:00)
Duda Agency Tools: (15:54)
Fast Drag-and-Drop: (21:23)
Benefits to Agencies Using Duda: (24:37)
Duda for large-scale eCommerce?: (33:22)
Price Plans: (36:30)
How Duda was Scaled Over Time: (38:40)
Where to find Itai Sadan: (43:18)

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