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March 3, 2022

There are a few things that are hurting your marketing, and today we're going to stop them and do cool stuff instead that's going to help your marketing. Today I'm going to break down three things that you shouldn't be doing in marketing for 2022, and what you should be doing instead.

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In marketing, what used to be the best practices a few years ago, are now a completely waste of time, not for everything, but for most things. Why? because everyone else is doing them. They're super saturated, they're super competitive, and they don't work as well, so you got to start doing new things.

I'm talking about activities that aren't really going to help you get a lot of progress, generate you a lot of revenue, or create impact for your clients or your own business. Especially if you're working as a marketer for multiple clients. So let's go over these activities.

Number one, manual, repetitive marketing tasks. We hate to break it down for you, but if you're doing some of these tasks manually, you're setting yourself up for failure. Back in the day, We used to see a lot of people doing SEO research manually, instead of doing tools.

Let's say We was writing a piece of content and We want to rank specifically for the keyword, like dog food. We would go to Google, We would search for that keyword, analyze the top 10 sites. Manually, one-by-one, the top positions. See what they rank for. For other keywords, the links that they're getting, their title tags, their meta description, and the list would go on and on.

Nowadays, We just plug in those URLs into tools like Ubersuggest and it tells what's working, what's not, who's ranking, what keywords they use, what other keywords they rank for. And if you do this, you'll save time.

There's also a tool that I've been using that helps do a lot of those manual marketing tasks automatically. It's called UiPath. If you haven't seen UiPath, make sure you check it out.

Number two, running marketing efforts that provide no value at all when it comes to revenue.

Did you know that over 84% of consumers want to be able to communicate with people, businesses that they interact with or people they interact with and do business with through social media? You need to be on these channels. But if they don't produce a ROI, you don't need to be on them 10 hours a day. Figure out the right time for you and trim them down. And then focus the extra hours that you've saved on the channels that provide a better ROI.

Number three, studying marketing disciplines that you're not applying. We blog about marketing. We create video content. What's wrong with watching all the videos and reading all the content and that's it? Well, if you just do that and you don't implement anything, you're not going to get results. Leave a comment below, be honest. I'm here to help. That's why I'm telling you to be honest. How many pieces of video content have you read and how much of it have you actually applied to your website? Or your business or your client's website? If you're barely applying anything, stop reading the stuff.

I know that it hurts to say that, but it's best for you. We don't want you to keep reading and watching the stuff, over and over again and not implement anything. You can watch some of the stuff, you can read some of the stuff, but spend more time implementing than trying to learn from.

That'll get you better results than just reading the stuff or someone else's stuff. You need to focus on execution. That's what drives results in marketing.

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