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October 13, 2021

Black Hat Tips and Tricks 2021 - The Best of Black Hat SEO Volume 2
Black Hat SEO is a big reason why people come to the channel. It's the stuff that gets results. It's arguable that black hat and white black don't really exist: it's just techniques that get results and things that people say get results. The difference is in who is willing to try things to make some money. Now, I'm not saying everything in this video should be done, or that they are all ethical. This video shows the scope of what some people are testing and what stuff has worked in the past. You don't need to go as extreme as this in order to get good results. If you want more Black Hat videos, make sure to comment and I'll get round to it.

Intro: (0:00)
Phone Trick: (0:14)
Bait and Switch Using a Viral: (1:23)
Manipulation Commenting: (2:23)
Deliberately Exposing Black Hat Tips: (2:53)
Ghost Browser: (4:19)
GMB: (5:00)

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