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image  1 Copywriting Hacks - The Two Biggest Mistakes Struggling Copywriters Make
October 19, 2022

The Two Biggest Mistakes Struggling Copywriters Make .#1 Mistake - Struggling copywriters think they are in the business of simply writing copy..They're not... .If only it was that easy. .The writing words part is the easy part. The fun bit. .To survive and become a well fed copywriter, you need to be in the business of getting clients. .Getting clients is more important than the words you write. .To prove it, think of it this way - if you write the best damn copy on earth but you have zero clients, you make zero money. .Now, you can be a lousy copywriter but have a bunch of clients and you can still make money. .#2 Mistake - You don't leverage the clients you already do have. .Stop looking at clients as a one and done concept. .You want to quickly get off that hamster wheel mentality of thinking you need to keep finding new clients...and new clients...and new clients..Go back to the clients you've worked with in the past. Make them an offer. Offer to beat the previous copy you wrote for them. Convince them that they need your help to write the next promo/launch/VSL/email sequence, etc. .Demonstrate to them that you are indispensable and they need your help, your knowledge, your copy on everything they decide to put out in the future. .#######.Try to correct these two mistakes and see if you can't scale your copy business in the next 30-60 days. .Where else are you struggling to level up as a copywriter? Let me know and I'll try and help you.
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