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image  1 Copywriting Hacks - What's the best copywriting course for a beginner
October 5, 2022

"What's the best copywriting course for a beginner?".Earlier today somebody sent me a message and asked this exact question. .They wanted to know the best course course for a complete beginner to learn the ropes of copy....And they had a budget of $1k to spend. .I get asked this question a lot, so I thought I'd share my response here in the group so you can all benefit. .You DON'T need a course to get started. .I repeat....You. Do. Not. Need. A. Course. ToGet. Started. .And you certainly don't need to spend thousands of dollars to get your career underway. .Far from it to be exact..I recommend you start with two or three good copy books first..My recommendations....1. Vic Schwab's 'How to write a good advertisement'.2. Joe Sugarman's 'Copywriter's Handbook'.3. Dan Kennedy's 'Ultimate sales letter'.And that's more than enough to get you on your way. .If you read all three of these books and you like them....Then you know there's a good chance you're going to enjoy being a copywriter. .And it would have set you back about only $30 or so to find out. .Read these books. Take notes. Learn the basics....But most importantly, apply what you learn. .Put your new found knowledge into practice. Get feedback and results in the real world. .After that - if you want to take your copy skills to the next level - then maybe it's time to invest in a course....But sometimes, for some people, it's not a necessary requirement.
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