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September 28, 2021

Over the last few years I've been earning thousands of dollars off of Google and today We want to show you how you can too.

I've found that the process for making money on Google is pretty simple.

In essence, what you're doing is finding it easy to rank for keywords with the tool Shine Ranker, then you hire people on Upwork to data entry for you for those keywords.

The cool thing is that this technique works in virtually any industry and works with selling services to clients or doing affiliate marketing on your own websites.

Now, We want to stress the importance of OPT INs.

Without capturing your traffic, ranking for keywords alone is not a great strategy.

Part of the reason that we create a CSV on step two is that the CSV acts as a way for people to want to enter their email and sign up to see more of your posts in the future.

If you can learn and repeat this process for a few months We can say with much certainty that the results you will begin to get will be absolutely insane!

Below We will list the timestamps to the different portions of the video so you can jump around, enjoy, and happy SEO'ing!

0:00 Introduction
2:03 Find easy to target keywords
5:07 Hire someone for data entry (way cheaper than content writers)
9:28 Turn content into a blog post and video
13:21 Create your opt-in

-Chase R