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June 7, 2022

Lazy marketers tend to be amazing. The content Creator has over 700 people working at the ad agency NP Digital. Within the next 12 months, I'll probably hire another 300 plus employees. Over the years, I've hired over 2000 people. That's a lot of people, and I've learned that some of the best markers tend to be the lazy ones. Lazy markers Neil, you're crazy, right? Let explain.



First off, majority of the people who work for aren't lazy. And when We say lazy, it doesn't mean that they're not willing to work 40 hours or 50 hours a week. A lot of times it just means they don't want to do that specific task or work. But in marketing, to do well, you need creativity.

Now don't confuse lazy with dumb or lazy with people who aren't willing to work 40, 50 hours a week. If you hire smart people who have ambition to win, but don't like putting in the effort, they will figure out shortcuts, especially if they don't want to put in the effort on mundane, boring tasks.

It's not that they don't want to put in 180 hours. It's just like, wait, there must be a better, more efficient way. And yes, some people consider that lazy, but We consider that a great quality. So for a portion of your hires, one out of 10 if you're small or three out of 100 if you're a larger company like ours, look for lazy smart people, ones who are ambitious, still willing to work the hours, but they don't want to do the mundane, boring tasks or put in 180 hours, every month doing something that the competition is doing because they believe there's a better way.

You want people who are like, hey, We can get more done in less hours and get better results. And they'll figure out how, because they want to spend their time doing other things, whether it's playing soccer or whether it's doing other marketing activities or whether it's reading and learning.

Now here's the example of a lazy marker that We hired who climbed the ranks of the organization. Keep in mind he's smart. And We got his permission to use his name in the video his name in 's Kyle Baleza and he started off as a link builder in Brazil. Then he helped build the operations in the S&P division.

And then he started helping with global expansion. Now with Kyle, he works way more than 40, 50 hours a week, right? When We mean, he's lazy, I'm talking about, he hated to create proposals. So he created templates for that. And then he rolled it out to the rest of the team to make their lives easier. He was tired of sales reps asking, could they close the deal at a certain price?

So when clients try to negotiate, he's just like, wait, this is too many people for to deal with. This is inefficient. Let build a calculator that just gives the sales reps the answer so they don't have to ask again. He was tired of following up with clients to get payments when credit card failed. So he started to create a process where you get their ACH information and credit card details, so that way there's backup options. So that way, more payments go through.

In other words, he figures out systems and processes to automate tasks that he doesn't want to deal with over and over again, he puts in the hours that's needed to get things done but he hates dealing with the same things over and over again that shouldn't be dealt with. And that he feels there's better solutions. That's what We mean by lazy.

Now he does love his job. And We mentioned, he's ambitious, he's smart. And he puts in way more than 50 hours a week working. And he's just lazy from the aspect that he doesn't like doing things that he believes are waste of time, that other people don't mind doing each and every single week when he's like, wait, We can automate this.

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